Writing a personal essay is easy for some people, whereas other people find it really difficult. It is probably down to human nature, such as how some people are good at math and some are not. Here are a few personal essay writers’ guidelines.

Your personal essay needs a hook

This is something you need to start with right away in order to make people want to read your essay. You need to put it at the beginning because people tend to just read a little and then give up on it unless you can give them a reason to keep reading.

The title may make people want to read

It is sometimes okay to dramatize your title a little in order to make it more enticing. For example, you may have a title such as, “The day I used Google to see if I was guilty of sexual assault.” That title raises so many questions that a person is going to want to read. In reality it was that you were kissing a girl from Poland and you do not know the Polish word for “no” so you Googled it when you got home. You could have called the essay “I kissed a Polish girl who didn’t say no,” but it is not really as enticing.

Construct a time frame

With a personal essay it is easy to lose track of the narrative time. That is why you need to plan your timeline and then do not break it. With the Polish girl example, you can constrict the deadline to just one day. The last thing you want to do is confuse the reader when it comes to narrative time. That is why it is also a good idea to clearly define the people, place and time when you start explaining another event that happens simultaneously with one you have mentioned.

Stick to the facts and the narrative

It is very, very easy to go off on a tangent when you write your personal essay. It is supposed to be personal but people tend to philosophize. They start to explain their thoughts on a situation, and even though a little bit of this is okay it is something that should be left out of your essay.

Do not justify

Many people do this and it is a silly mistake. Do not justify your actions and try to explain them. Do not give excuses for the actions and events in your personal essay. If you strongly feel the need to justify, then do it by naming the facts. Do not explain why you shouted at your piano instructor, instead name times when the instructor has tested your patience, and explain the events of the day that lead you to your bad mood. The reader will be able to piece together why you did what you did without you having to excuse yourself.

Do not use clichés ever!

Any old quote is poison for your essay, and any old saying or anecdote is worse than rusty barbed wire down your back. Examiners hate it and readers are tired by it. Don’t even use old expressions such as “Raining like cats and dogs.”

Consider a call-to-action

If your essay has a certain meaning or point, then feel free to add a call-to-action to have people act upon what you have written. If you are struggling with your essay then try AssignmentMasters.co.uk as they will be able to put you on the right track, or even write it for you if you wish.