You can be expressive in your research paper on bullying, but it is a good idea to maintain a neutral tone without making things sound or feel offensive. I also believe you have to pay serious attention to the overall structure of your research paper. What you should always bear in mind is that a research paper will always flow from the general to the specific and it will move back to the general points and facts.

Keeping the organization in mind, the most important paragraph is where you introduce your thesis or research paper topic. Here, you can try different options. You can either choose a topic more generic in nature or go the other way round. To make it more specific, you can choose to write on one of many forms of bullying – you may notice verbal bullying, physical bullying, social bullying and cyber bullying.

By laying your emphasis on any one of these types, you will be able to write an interesting research paper on bullying. But you will have to delve deeper into the details and research hard to find primary and secondary resources to explain your point of view.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time in researching, you can work on a topic that explains bullying as one of the most common problems in schools and share its impact. You can start by explaining bullying in your intro and in the body, you can devote each paragraph to effects of bullying – both emotional and physical. One of your paragraphs can also cover how bullying can lead to tragic problems and the person who is bullied can do the extreme.

In your final paragraph, you can simply rephrase what you have covered in the body and suggest how you think one can reduce bullying incidents in schools. Make sure you write your research paper on bullying while maintaining a simple yet forceful tone. Perform proper research and conclude well.