Some people find essay writing easy and some look at a blank document and are stumped. Further research will often only aggravate the process and make it difficult to concentrate. Here are a few tips to help you get out of your writers block rut.

Brainstorm in complete silence to relieve writers block

This is something that modern students seem to refuse to do. The idea of sitting for what could be hours in a silent room is alien to them. Obviously, this is a generalization and some students use this technique to great effect, but it is a shame that in such an instant-pleasure seeking society we are collectively losing the ability to dedicate thought to one thing only for an extended period of time.

Still, this technique has been used by many great people in history and even in modern times by people such as Bill Gates who famously disappeared in solitude into a mountain shack and returned two weeks later issuing the demand that every single Microsoft product become Internet ready (back when the Internet was a baby), which turned out to be a very profitable idea.

Planning is the key to your success

Writers block can be alleviated with extensive planning, and this may be due to the fact that planning helps us see more than one side of a situation. It is possible that writer’s block is caused by a tunnel vision effect whereupon a person thinks of an idea in too narrow terms to the point of becoming stuck. Go back to planning if you have writers block and it may help quite a bit, even if it just means working on some other element of your project before returning.

Skim read your textbooks

Do not make the mistake of reading your textbooks as this will further frustrate you when you are already frustrated enough. Flip through your textbooks and absorb bits of information at a time and a few ideas may spring forth.

Look at the essays other people have written

This is a good idea for the fact it helps you see what direction they have taken. If they have written along the same lines as you then there is likely a point where they moved forwards beyond the part you are on. See how and where they did that and consider ways you may do it too.

You are tired which is why you have writers block

Burn this one into the palm of your hand and slap yourself every time you get writers block. Just a twenty minute our hour nap may be all you need to remove your writers block. You will be too frustrated to realize how tired you are, so remove all notions of time and deadlines from your mind and go lie on your bed. Even if you do not fall asleep you may still come up with a solution to your problem if you relax enough.

Turn off your music and TV

Yet again the instant gratification pleasure seeking society falls flat because of technology. It is bothersome when students complain of writers block and yet claim that working with the TV or music on actually helps them. Silence is uncomfortable when you are brought up by a TV, but silence is sometimes necessary.

You have left it too close to the deadline

If you have cornered yourself in this situation then contact us for some help. They have teams of experts just waiting to take the workload off your hands.