Basics of research paper writing and publishing

It is a tough business getting your research paper published, especially when you consider that many of the world’s great academics are itching to have their papers published. You can self publish if you have the money and resources. If you want yours published in the mainstream media then you will need to create a simply fantastic piece of work.

Look for areas yearning for research papers

This may sound like a do-nothing tip, but there are actually millions of very simple things that people simply do not know and that people are only just finding out. For example, we have only just discovered how to tell the age of a wild lobster, and we still do not know how to successfully farm Brazil nut trees.

Recently we thought the world only had two natural moons, and yet we have just discovered that the earth has over 18,000 natural (non-man made) moons in orbit. This means all you need to do is work on an area that humans do not yet fully understand and if you come up with even something small that is new then there is a high chance that your paper will be published (if it is good enough).

Start with a research proposal

You could apply to a few institutions to see if they would be interesting in publishing your research paper if you were to complete it. There is a small chance they may jump at the chance. This is especially true if you can somehow prove the worth of your work.

Do your preliminary methodology research

Your methodology is the first thing to come into question when you create a research paper, so it is your job to make sure you pick the right one and that you adapt it to your situation. It is also imperative that you follow the methodology rules and your rules to the letter.

Plan your project including the project timeline

The timeline is important because you need to know how much work you have left compared to how much time you have left. If you are not making yourself aware of the coming deadline then you are setting yourself up for failure. Plan your project so that you do not accidentally spend too much time on one page essay element whilst forgetting another element or not saving enough word count for another equally important element.

Complete your paper and submit to academics

This is a risky move because the academic world if full of thieves who will steal your ideas and leave you from the pages of history. Still, if you fail to convince a publisher to publish your works, then getting a well known academic to endorse it in some way may give it the weight it needs to have publishers take another look at it. You could also seek advice from other academics that have been published to see how they did it.

Have an expert write it for you

If you are looking for a way of getting high quality research content then try our services. You may use the essay writing service to complete a research paper of your choosing. Once you have bought the paper then it is yours and you can do with it as you please. If that means sending it to be published then there is no harm in that.