Writing a descriptive essay of the beach is a nice creative writing project that unless indicated, can provide you with a nice bit of scope for word play. Depending on what the requirements are for the essay you have to write, you will first need to establish your theme.

There are a number of different angles to approach a descriptive essay of the beach, so don’t follow the crowd. Pick your own writing path rather than following everyone else’s. An interesting idea for writing a descriptive essay of the beach is to approach it like you are describing the beach to somebody who has never seen or experienced a beach in their lives before.

Although you may have been to the beach many times before, for a somebody else, their experience being on the beach for the first time is a magical one and possibly long forgotten one by you. Take the opportunity, if you can, to get down to the seaside – there is nothing like tangible reflection to inspire you for writing a really good description of a beach.

Remind yourself of the sounds of the soft, rolling surf as the waves pull back and roll back in again and again. The smells of the beach – nothing else really compares – use your emotions to capture the feelings and translate them into words. Take a note of the weather and what visitors to the beach are doing – or maybe it’s a working beach with lots of weatherworn fishermen.

Use your senses to relate your own beach experience to the reader – the sights – a lighthouse perhaps, beach smells, the feeling of a nippy sea breeze, or the grainy feel of wet sand and sounds – do you hear seagulls, can you hear people laughing while playing in the sand?