Writing an essay about goals is actually quite simple if you are a creative person. The subject is such as personal one that it is hard to write an essay that is incorrect. However, a lot of people have trouble writing one because they do not know where to start. Here is a structure for your essay to help you build it around your thesis or theme.

Separate needs from wants

Many people have goals, but few understand the motivations behind them. You could start your essay about goals on the topic of goal motivation. You should point out that motivation consists of either wants or needs. We need clothes on our bodies, but we want the best ones.

Define what a goal is

You need to clarify that a goal is an achievable “something” that will be achieved by a predetermined date. Anything less than this is not a goal, it is a desire or wish.

Explain how a goal is achieved in stages

Writing essay about goals, you could touch upon the fact that a goal is often too difficult to achieve in just one go. It often needs to be broken into stages, where each stage moves the person closer to the accomplishment of the goal.

Show how failure occurs in stages

Your essay could focus on how failure may begin at the beginning, and how it may even occur quickly, but that it does happen in stages. Furthermore, if caught at one of these stages, it could be reversed.

Explain how failure is a signal for another plan

Few essays are going to concentrate on the positive side of failure, so you should differentiate yourself from the rest with a section about how failure is helpful. Failure is just another way of finding out your plan won’t work. It is just a signal that you need a new plan.