Practical guide to thesis and dissertation writing

It is not easy to write any sort of thesis or dissertation, and it is not supposed to be because it should define your academic career. It is supposed to be difficult in order to show how good you are. That is why it is important to get it done correctly.

Planning is the key to your dissertation writing success

It is the key to your success because it helps you complete the piece on time and it helps you keep your work balanced. A lot of people spend so much time on one aspect of their dissertation and then lose all motivation so they give other elements less attention. This results in what is known as an unbalanced dissertation that may end up bias for the simple fact you have dedicated more time to one element than another.

Planning will help you keep to your deadline if you add a timeline into your plan. If you plan how long each element will take and how much you should have written by each step in your plan, then you are far less likely to miss your deadline, and you will end up with more time at the end to add and improve to your dissertation.

Add notes to your plan as you research

Your plan should be the starting point of your dissertation, but the research is a close second. It is important to update your plan as you discover new things. You may find out that one part of your dissertation is going to need more work than another, and you may start to see how evidence for one element of your dissertation substantially outweighs the evidence for another element. This is why updating your plan is so important so that you can compensate for such eventualities.

Write research notes and add research page numbers

When you make your notes you should keep them small so that they are easier to refer to later. It is tempting to write lots of notes all at once as you discover new information, but it is far better to add page numbers and such to your notes so that you can go back to your resource at a later date and mine it for information as you need it.

Create points in a modular fashion

When you are writing your dissertation you are going to have to come up with high scoring evidence, points and arguments. As you are researching you may come across a point that has the potential to score highly. If this is the case, then write the point as it is. You may then slip the text into your dissertation at a later stage when it may sit more comfortably.

Ask for help when you need it most

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